Customer Experience

Amplify your customer experience.

Greenstone provides your customers with an engaging and professional experience during the entire lifecycle of their booking, from discovery to checkout to follow-ups.

Optimized for mobile discovery & checkout

Our booking flow is designed and engineered to be an easy, exciting, and ultra-fast experience on mobile devices. Boost your conversions with powerful availability search, beautiful listings, and friendly checkout.

Keep in touch

Save boatloads of time and let our automated message system keep your customers informed with updates, confirmations, and reminders via email and SMS. Need to send a custom message to an individual or group? No problem!

Empower your customers

Your customers will have access to a detailed and powerful booking management page. They can view all details and instructions for their booking, request changes, add on purchases, and make payments.

Get In Touch

It's time to ditch the huge fees

We invite you to learn how Greenstone's workflows and automation can elevate your boating business. Sign up today or schedule a 30-minute chat and our platform expert will help you get started.

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