We do boating exclusively.

Unlike other booking software, the Greenstone admin dashboard is designed for boating businesses only - without any complicated features you don't need.

Booking management made easy

The flexible booking calendar gives you a multiple views of your bookings by day, week, and month. Quickly create and edit bookings from online listings, walk-ups, and phone calls.

All the schedules

View schedules and maintain availability for all of your vehicles, resources, and employees.

Real-time availability that works

Whether you are scheduling at the marina, in the office, or your customers are booking online, feel confident knowing that our availability algorithms reliably prevent double bookings.

Fully customizable

Modify nearly every aspect of your bookings - schedule, duration, deposit, and more. You can even apply discounts, add tips, and upsell with rentals and swag.

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It's time to ditch the huge fees

We invite you to learn how Greenstone's workflows and automation can elevate your boating business. Sign up today or schedule a 30-minute chat and our platform expert will help you get started.

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